Meta Pasternak created the Word of the Week and uses this blog

Kate Carey has taken off with her class use of her wiki.
One of her many innovations is having one member of the class, on a rotational basis, author a daily log. This provides a second set of notes to her students, and provides information for those that miss class.

Tom Zientara used a podcast as the basis for an in depth expolration of the Global Financial Crisis
external image 355_lg.jpg

He continues to use wikis to present authoritative sites for his students to use doing their research projects

Stephanie Cline created a wiki that allows her to post assignments and privately track each of her students as they set and complete fitness challenges .'fitforlife___Fitness_Challenge'_-_fitforlife_pbwiki_com_Fitness+Challenge.jpg

Eva Green used the privacy features of Vimeo to easily upload a video she made of her students and yet keep it private by password protecting viewing ability.

Spanish P2 from Joan Tracy on Vimeo.

Joan Tracy used a wiki to allow students guided practice on evaluating websites for authority and reliability.


Katie Alamonte and Mitch Ward used Moodle's wiki feature to create a class project comparing life and work in the industrial revolution and life and work now.
Then and Now Wikis

Lee Trampleasure is using Moodle in a myraid of ways - Using Moodle's database feature to allow students to easily organize and retrieve and examine not only a single result from a lab, but the entire class lab results.

Brightness vs Distance LabFireShot_capture_#166_-_'Physics_Trampleasure__Brightness_vs_Distance_Lab'_-_moodle_carondeleths_org_mod_data_field_php_d=4.jpg

He is also, among many other things, using using Moodle's polling feature
Logging in to Moodle was..


Lisa Reddam used Moodle's wiki feature to allow her students to create both a study guide and presentation tool for her class project on mythology.

Mythology wiki Period 1FireShot_capture_#168_-_'English_1__Demeter_Glossary'_-_moodle_carondeleths_org_mod_wiki_view_php_id=449&page=Demeter+Glossary.jpg

Amy Hayner is using Moodle to present her students with music she records that allows them to practice their music at home. FireShot_capture_#217_-_'Course__Concert_Choir'_-_moodle_carondeleths_org_course_view_php_id=43.jpg

Gary Okey's US History classes use a variety of vetted online sources, including Carondelet Databases, to debate in depth issues of the Pre-Civil War era.

Hayley Strandberg is using the forum function of her moodle to allow written class discussions on aspects of Huck Finn


Mrs. Mammola used a wiki to allow her students to produce a study guide and presentation of the regions of France.